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Glossary of terms
On this page and the following pages we have included an alphabetical listing of most of the Japanese words, terms or expressions you are likely to encounter. The list which is shown with the Japanese word leading first is not comprehensive, but does allow you to familiarize yourself with technical jargon that you will come across during practice.
AGE - Lift or raise up
AIKUCHI - a dagger with no Tsuba, typically worn by women
AI-UCHI coming together by striking at the same time
ARIGATO - Thank you (informal)
ASOKO - Over there
ATAMA - Head
ATE - Strike
ATO - Move back
ATO DE Afterwards
AYUMI ASHI - Normal walking motion, back foot slides up to become front foot
BATTO - Draw the sword/alternative name for Iaido
BIKI - To move, as in Sayabiki or Hakama Biki
BOKKEN - Hardwood replica of sword
BOKUTO - Hardwood replica of sword
BOSHI - The Hamon of the Kissaki, hardened area in tip/the curve leading to the point
BU - 1/10 of a sun, 0.3 cm
CHIBURI - Shaking off the blood, cleaning the blade
CHIDORI ASHI "Bird walk" as in Ayumi Ashi
CHINUGUI - Wiping off the blood, as is done in Ukenagashi
CHIGAU - Different
CHOKKAKU - Right angles
CHOSOKU Breathing
CHUDAN - Middle Kamae, sword in middle, Seigan is also a Chudan Kamae
CHU O - Middle 1/3 of blade
DAI KYO KEI SOKU Large, Strong, Light, Quick
DAISHO - Great small, the set of two swords, Daito and Shoto
DAITO - Great sword, larger of the set of two, Daisho along with Shoto
DAME - Not like that, wrong
DAN - More advanced grades, from 1 to 8
DATTO - Taking the sword from the belt
DO - Activity, motion
DO - Chest/side of body at ribs
DO - Degrees, e.g. Kyu Ju Do is 90 degrees
DOJO - Practice hall
DOMO - Thanks (informal)
DOMO ARIGATO - Thank you (formal)
DOMO ARIGATO GOZAIMASU -Thank you very much (most formal)
DOZO - Please (go ahead)
EMBU/ENBU - Demonstration
EMBU GI - Demonstration jacket with large sleeves (formal) (Gi refers to top only)
ENZAN NO METSUKE - Gaze at the far mountains
FUCHI GANE - Fitting between handle and guard
FUDOSHIN - Immovable mind, calm spirit
FUKAKU - Personal character/Low/Deep
FUKUSA - Cutting edge in tip area
FURI KABURI - Lifting sword from Nuki through to above the head
FUMI KOMI - Shift forward, as in a strike, using the hips
FUMI KOMI ASHI - Foot motion as shifting forward, front and back slide together not two different movements
FUSHIN - Frozen or stopped mind

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